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About Us
Influencing the stability of the UK construction industry.

Our Mission

The UK construction sector is consistently ranked number one for insolvency, with more than 3,000 firms failing every year. Brought into public spotlight following the high-profile collapse or Carillion in 2018, this number is far greater than any other sector, and causes significant economic, social, and environmental harm.

In a world that aims to build back better, the Save Construction Initiative is an industry-driven taskforce influencing the stability of the UK construction industry.

Our Influence

To deliver our mission, the Save Construction Initiative shall:

SHARE – Work with industry stakeholders to build a more stable construction industry.

LEARN – Support research into the stability of the industry and the factors that make it more vulnerable to failure than other industries.

CHANGE – Lobby government to place strategic priority for marketplace stability, through policy development in areas of planning, finance, procurement, research, and innovation.

IMPROVE – Implement new industry-wide practices that enable the stability of the construction industry.

PEOPLE – Underpin the stability of the construction industry by improving people outcomes.

We listened to the marketplace:

In November 2022, we held a focus group day with both clients and suppliers from the sector. Please watch this video which helped to capture the feelings from the delegates about the mission of the Save Construction Initiative.

Our Influencers

The Save Construction Initiative is a not-for-profit organisation that is steered by a group are volunteers drawn from a mix of industry professionals.

Zoe Brooke

Sandra Robinson

Tim Whitehill

Katie Saunders

Gemma Stubbs

John Finlay

Nick Moss

Neil Griffiths

Anne King

Construction Firm Insolvencies:


Source: The Insolvency Service. Figures shown are for England, Wales and Scotland.