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Welcome to The Save Construction Initiative

With its official launch in Manchester on the 20th January 2023, the Save Construction Initiative is now a thriving industry-driven task force influencing the stability of the UK construction sector.

SCI is the brain child of Zoe Brooke and John Finlay, who in amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, sprung in to action to form a movement that was designed to protect the businesses and people of the UK construction industry.


For three decades, ever since the reports of Latham and Egan, the industry has made several attempts to work together and seek better outcomes for all its stakeholders, and yet the sector still underperforms and consistently suffers from the highest numbers of insolvencies, collapsing over 3,000 firms per year.

On the basis that no single client or supplier is secure from failure, a strict ‘no public blame and shame’ policy is in place for the initiative. We want to actively engage with all industry stakeholders to explore the most challenging aspects of the the sector and to share and learn about the better ways of working together.

Our pursuit is aligned to the Construction Leadership Council workstream for better Business Models, and aims to drive industry performance for better products and services, together with stakeholder-wide environmental and social outcomes.

In this regard, we seek widespread adoption of collaborative contracting that aims to improve profitability and productivity through the implementation of complementary procurement approaches such as the Construction Playbook, the Value Toolkit, and Project 13.

The Save Construction Initiative is now a not-for-profit limited company that is steered by a group of volunteers drawn from a mix of industry professionals.

Please visit our About Us page to find out more about the people involved.

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